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Since our inception in 1996, we have focused on one thing – Designing a Superior Client Experience. Businesses across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico rely on our advice, guidance, and support to solve environmental problems, limit liability, and protect their valuable brand.

Sierra Piedmont developed the Client Bill of Rights, because we believe that each client deserves a consulting partner that is relationship-driven, action-oriented, and technically-strong. We list your rights in black-and-white so that you can hold our feet to the fire if we don’t measure up.

The leadership team at Sierra Piedmont is focused on designing a Superior Client Experience for you. We look forward to proving that to you.


Sierra 360°

Since 1996, Sierra Piedmont has enjoyed rapid success as a direct result of our proprietary process, Sierra 360°, the vehicle by which our firm is able to design a Superior Client Experience. At Sierra Piedmont, we believe that a superior client experience happens when the highest level of expertise coincides with the highest level of customer service. At this juncture, a superior client experience occurs.

At Sierra Piedmont, every action the firm takes, from our highly selective and competitive recruiting process, to our mandatory annual technical and soft skills training program, is to ensure our customers are thoroughly cared for and satisfied.

“Sierra 360° is the process we use to make sure your needs are met at each and every level of interaction.”

– Scott Pate, P.G. – President/CEO


The Sierra 360° Process

Technical Expertise

Sierra 360° begins with unparalleled expertise. This is a true statement. Sierra Piedmont prides itself on hiring the best and brightest technical experts in our field. In fact, throughout the history of our firm, there have been zero technical challenges on the work performed by our staff. As a result, our professionals are routinely asked to serve as expert witnesses in environmental matters. As a quality control measure, Sierra Piedmont maintains a centrally located and controlled management structure and assigns industry-specific teams to every client and project.

Proven Process

While every project has its own individual challenges and goals, at Sierra Piedmont, we adapt our proven process to each situation. The process begins with understanding the client’s problem and defining what success looks like. Our program managers work with our customers to identify their specific requirements, developing a Scope of Work (SOW) and cost estimate for each project. Once the project goals, challenges and risks are identified, our industry-specific technical teams initiate the work. Throughout the project execution, our team maintains open lines of communication, informing you of findings at each step of the process.

Customer Service

The third level of Sierra 360° is what makes Sierra Piedmont truly exemplary. Level three is all about people and behavior. In order to work at Sierra Piedmont, one must fit the Sierra Piedmont culture of providing the highest level of customer service. We understand our clients have extremely important responsibilities, and hiring a consultant should result in smoother and less stressful projects. At the risk of casting stereotypes, we recognize that many technical experts can be perceived as having less than stellar interpersonal skills.

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